Monday, December 10, 2007

Lying Around

I was at my mother's house with my two daughters and we were wondering if the Diaper-Wearing Daughter needed a change. My mom asked me if she generally tells the truth when you ask her.

Here's the answer:

Me: Hey you, do you need a diaper change?
Diaper Wearer: NO.
Me: (Sniff) Hmm...
Potty-Trained Older Daughter: Mom, she's lying.
Me: Hey...c' you need a change or what?
Diaper Wearer: NO.
Me: (Sneaking a peek) Yes You Do!!!
Older Daughter: You're lying!
Diaper Wearer: ROAR.
Me: (Laughing)
Older Daughter: (More Indignant) You're LYING!
Diaper Wearer: ROAR!!!
Me: (Confused) Why is she growling?
Older Daughter: Hey! You're not a LION!!! YOU'RE LYING!!!

Reminds me of Girled Cheese. (Another Time).

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