Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a Few Reasons Why This Weekend Was Awesome

1. One of my best friends from college was visiting and it was so great to go running with an old marathon partner and have her re-meet and bond with my daughters.
2. The low points of last week feel far away in the past...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
3. One of my artist friends had his holiday sale of his works and I experienced again the awe of his creative genius...and the fact that his art brings many of the people in my life together.
4. My friend and I had dinner at my brother's restaurant (he's the chef!) and we appreciated his creative genius and the admiration that comes for someone doing something that you just can't do in the same amazing way he does it.
5. I went to the all-school musical Oliver (students K-12) and it was incredible. From the young students to our own staff members performing, it was a validating experience and an inspiring show.
6. A bunch of women at a neighborhood party toasted my husband for being one of the best Mr. Moms they know. And he is!
7. Our staff party was this weekend, and our staff members are truly neat (and hilarious) people. I missed this year's white elephant gift exchange for the first time in MANY years, and I actually really missed it!
8. I love that my neighborhood social group includes Norwegians; relatives; a family who speaks French; Mormons, current and lapsed; scientists; lawyers; moms; carpet cleaners...all plain old good people. We have a lot of fun and food (and drink and chaos) together. The value of such periodic social events where children and adults alike feel at home? Priceless...
9. One of my close friends is my daughters' godmother and a gifted photographer and she willingly gives herself to us, including this morning for a multi-generational photoshoot. Her patience, and her love of my children, humbles me.
10. My grandmother is here visiting and she looks beautiful and healthy and I am so grateful to have her in my life, knowing my husband and children, and present right now to watch our crazy extended family just be.

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