Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally Feeling Holiday Cheer-ful

Today is the first day of holiday break, and I feel like a new person. Our school calendar is a little wacky this year; we had four full weeks of classes between Thanksgiving and the December break, instead of the usual three. It has felt like our break was a Long Time Coming, and because our last day of class this year was the 21st, it also feels like WHAM! Christmas is upon us! And now that I am finally ready to get ready for the holidays, my inbox is full of "last day to order for shipping by Christmas..." And that was yesterday. Oops. But I braved the mall this morning, buying the very few but essential things that remained on our list and came home feeling like Santa can come now, and I won't send him back up the chimney, accusing him of rushing me.

A few things lifted my spirits yesterday. Some members of our senior class set up a huge live (lopsided) tree in the middle of the quad, decorated in blue and gold ornaments and garlands and topped with a gold star inscribed "Seniors 2008." A sign in front proclaimed it the school's "Holiday Tree" was a perfect gesture of goodwill (and political correctness) on our last day of school in 2007. (Until sometime in the afternoon it rather unceremoniously toppled over).

We had a performing arts assembly showcasing our student dancers, musicians, singers, actors, and filmmakers. My career choice is always confirmed at these moments when I am witness to what unique, creative, and original individuals teenagers are. I searched YouTube for the film about the dangers of mixing rock and rap music some of our talented students made...but instead I found this creative endeavor by other students (they had to walk backwards throughout to pull this off!).

And then my daughter danced to "My Favorite Things" in her class's recital. Her ballet slipper fell off in the middle of the "performance," and she crouched down to pull it on, her face all scrunched in frustration and mouthing, "MOM!!!" Shoe back on, the show went on.

And my sister and her fiance came over with sushi, along with my daughters' godmother, and we ate and talked (while my husband fell asleep on the couch).

These are a few of my favorite things...

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me said...

So glad you're finally able to relax and enjoy the holiday! Merry Christmas!