Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sorry if I hung up the car on you.

I have an earpiece for my cellphone which I immediately insert when I get in the car (at some point recently I vowed not to have my phone in my hand while I drive...but driving time is an opportune time to make phone calls).

However, I don't usually drive long enough to have very meaningful conversations, and they often end abruptly when I pull up in front of my house and explain that I am now at home, So Goodbye.

And here's where it gets a little weird.

For some reason my feeble brain links the car ignition to the cell-phone conversation (maybe because I have no hands on the phone but have them, instead, on the steering wheel?), so I have been known to pull up in front of my house or work and 1) Hang Up The Phone mid-sentence instead of Turn Off The Car, or, 2) keep the car running for many minutes As If Gas Is Fueling My Phone while I finish the conversation, and then say goodbye and Turn Off The Car Instead Of Hanging Up The Phone or 3) hang up the car and turn off the phone simultaneously--and SEE! I am even confused as I type.

This is probably all evidence that I SHOULD NOT BE TALKING ON THE PHONE WHILE I DRIVE (or even while I am PARKED).

But my daughters will tell you that I Shouldn't Be Talking On The Phone While I PARENT, either.

(In our next episode, How I Hold My Hands Expectantly Under My Bathroom Faucet Because The One At Work Is AUTOMATIC).

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