Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little faith, and a lot of heart...

I would say that My Album of the Year 2007 (not related AT ALL to when the album actually debuted, only to when I Became Aware of Its Existence and made it my Soundtrack) was The Weepies' "Say I Am You." One of my friends sent me this CD and it's one of the albums about which I can say I love almost every track. For the holidays, one of their songs, "Stars," was the tune for a Macy's ad, which appeared during "Elmo's Countdown to Christmas," and my daughter, raised on DVR, wouldn't tolerate more than two seconds of commercial (could be a Good Thing, or a sign of Pestilent Impatience?), even when I pleaded, "Can I please find out who the Weepies sold (out) their song to...?" Alas, I had to figure this out over several viewing times of the Elmo Christmas Show. My disappointment? The best line of the song, "All it takes is a little faith...and a lot of heart" didn't make it into the ad. But then, I shouldn't care about that, maybe. Perhaps I should be grateful that Macy's Didn't Get It. I'm not sure.

The CD has more treasures: "Riga Girls" is my best running song, and just a Make You Happy Melody. "Take It From Me" and "Gotta Have You" are two Happy In Love Songs, and "This is Not Your Year" was a plausible alternative to "Bad Day," our School Attendance Clerk's Anthem. Really, this album? Something For Everyone, People!

But my latest diversion is lullabies, as referenced in my Smorgasbord post. Our high school dance troupe recently had a show in which they did a number to this haunting song, sung by Annie Lennox (and part of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack). In their show they recreated the "Alice in Wonderland" story, and here, Alice is falling asleep. I was captivated.

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