Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Been in School My Whole Life (and I think it's making me crazy)

I am having a recurring dream in which I am enrolled in a Chemistry course and I am not going to class.

In last night's version of the dream, I am in high school, and Chemistry Class is right after the Student Government period. Instead of going to Chemistry, I just hang out with other students who don't seem to have a class either. I know I am supposed to go to class, I know I have never attended (and it's probably too late to start now), and I know I need to drop the class before I get an F and it ruins All I Have Ever Worked For. But even though in the dream I remind myself to check the deadline for withdrawing from the course, I don't seem to ever do it. I'm passively willing my own failure, it seems.

This afternoon while I was eating a yummy piece of cake in the Principal's office, I felt a wave wash over me not unlike deja vu--a panicky feeling. I have go deal with that Chemistry Class! I thought, putting my fork down on the table.

And then came relief: there's no Chemistry Class! Not for me, anyway.

I can't help but wonder what it is in my life that needs attention. The deadline is looming, apparently.


me said...

Is it a third child????

Debbie said...

Holy crap...I have a very similar recurring dream. I have it about once per year. But mine is some college class--I think of the English lit. variety--and I finally show up on final exam day having not read any of the books and trying to talk my way out of it all with the professor. What's up with that?