Friday, August 29, 2008

My Muggy Moo Who...Turned Five Today

Muggy Moo Who*

Moo Moo who trills songs in the back of the car

and asks will you tell me a story
who is dresses and knee socks
who is a carrot and cold water
whose eyes glitter like seaglass
is reading her books by flashlight
who tells me Mommy I can’t
who shows me Mommy I CAN
whose little hands won’t hold mine
is doing it herself
draws in her little office all night and day
who is thinking up funny things to say
is writing
is inventing stories with castles
is singing, Mommy, so hush
isn’t so little anymore
is brushing her own hair
who tells me what she’s going to wear
is fairies and letters and secret elves
who dives up and down up and down up and down again
is the melody I hum as I fall asleep, so hush
asking will you tell me a story
tell me a story, Mommy, tell me?

*based on Sandra Cisneros's poem "Abuelito Who"


Anonymous said...

Gosh, can't believe how time is flying by!

JJ&K said...

That's awesome!