Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Open Season for Tattoos

In Body Ink, teens to twentysomethings are rivalled only by the under-six set. Temporary tattoos are all over the Toddler World, particularly in Birthday Goodie Bags.

My mother let the parents of her grandchildren know she was calling a moratorium on tattoos in the weeks leading up to my brother's wedding: there would be no cousins sashaying down the aisle sporting cartoon characters up and down their arms (and possibly legs...and maybe even faces).

We started stockpiling the temporary tatts that entered our household, including some inspired by Hello Kitty and the movie Ratatouille.

But since the wedding is over now, and we have a few safe months before my sister gets hitched, last night I gave the kids scissors to cut their own hair and then we began working on their tattoo sleeves.

Only kidding about the hair. But we did feverishly tattoo some hands and arms. And it felt good. This one's for you, Mammom.

Note: The poor picture quality is due in part to many moving (arm) parts. My daughters will not have a career in Synchronized Diving. Or Synchronized ANYTHING. We're still working on the Individual Cooperation Event.

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