Monday, August 25, 2008

Ra Ra Ring; Kick 'Em in the Wing...

Our daughter joins her first soccer team next week. Right now we are assigned to Team 703, but in her Welcome-to-the-World-of-Competitive-Sports Email, the coach encouraged her players to come up with their own team names.

In the car on the way out to dinner tonight (night before the first day of school? I ain't cookin'!), "we" brainstormed ideas.

After our daughter proposed "The Suns," "The Rainbows," "The Sunsets," and "The Frog Lily Pads," we suggested that the name, maybe, should make it seem like your team is going to be full of Some Tough Soccer Players.

"Okay..." she contemplated. "Like, 'The Bad Butterflies'?'"


JJ&K said...

Oh, my sweet niece...that cracks me up!

me said...

Has she been reading "Fancy Nancy and the Bonjour Butterfly"?