Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be My Thrill

I've done a great job of not mourning the days and weeks of my summer rolling by and instead, have existed largely in the moment. Most of those delicious moments (and a few hair-tearing ones) in the presence of my daughters.

It has been a wonderful summer. And I am so lucky to have one.

But today I felt the blues slip in, the Back-to-Work-Soon Blues. The kind that hinder my ability to enjoy my last week off. I'm fighting them mightily, and we'll start here, with a Weepies song.

One of the more magical days of July was a family trip to Lilith Fair, where we camped out in a shady spot and played Uno between sets by artists the likes of Kitten (she wears knee pads for a reason), Marie Digby (check her cover of "Umbrella"), Miranda Lambert, Brandi Carlile, A Fine Frenzy, and, of course, Sarah MacLachlan. We scored cotton candy, expensive beers, free tampons, and upgraded seats to an amazing and undersold show.

But best of all, I fulfilled a dream to bring my daughters to a music festival.

The Weepies played late-afternoon, charming as always. The single off their new album seems part love song for a small child ("I miss all of the joy you kill/but I love you still") and mostly lover-love song ("Be my what...my everything but/my little hot slut"), and I will simply add it to my repertoire of Weepies' "Happy In Love" songs.


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