Monday, August 9, 2010

In the Saddle

I started School Year 2010-11 this morning after a glorious Sunday of kayaking, sailing, and sunning with family and good friends. And whaddya know? I got compliments on my hair and my glow today, so I recommend waiting days to wash your hair and getting sandy and salty. The next day, when you shower, you will be FRESH. And people will notice.

Of course, some of that glow may be attributable to my grin and Look At Me! I Am Back At Work and I Am Happy About It! You Betcha! Not Bummed At All To Give Up The Slip 'n' Slide and Fairy Houses!

But I fell right into registration, working the line for the last names starting with C and D. I greeted old students and new, enjoying the look on incoming freshman faces when I introduced myself as "your Vice Principal!"

The summer may have felt short, but lots can happen in a few weeks. Kids grow taller. Bad habits become problems. Problems find solutions. Water flows under bridges. Families shift and students let us know they're moving away.

I've had my family only as the locus of any concerns for the past month or so. Going back to work means opening up a World of Worry for Others.

The transition back to work always feels a little overwhelming. I'm off long enough to fully embrace the routine of Home With Kids, and long enough to forget I Somehow Manage when I return. I get up extra early for the first few days; set out my clothes the night before; make lists. My bum still needs time to settle in the saddle. It won't be long, though, till I drop the reins and become Look Ma; No Hands!

I just need my work groove back.

I've talked to other educators about the identity crises which come at the beginning and end of summers off. But I think most of us would agree this gig is worth the funky falling-off points.

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