Saturday, August 14, 2010

wow said mommy

Big Sister is still working on her novel I mentioned in February, The Grassland Secrets: The Princess and the Crystal Stairs.

It's pretty darned cute, and I can't help transcribing it here for you (with Big Sis's permission as well as her own spellings and punctuation).

Chapter 1 the Stairs

One day Jessica was cleaning up in her bedroom. Then her friend Kiki came over. she came in Jessicas bedroom and accidentally fell on the new toy box. and then a flashing golden light appeared upon the box! the girls were exited they looked down into the box and saw crystal stairs!

the girls jumped into the box. Right when thay jumped into the box their friend Max showed up. He saw the girls looking around. Looking confused Max jumped in the box too.

Chapter 2 the princess

When they got down they all looked around then they shut the toy box and a princess appeared out of nowhere.

hi said the princess.

The children did not no what to say finelly Kiki said who are you?

I am the grass land princess she said my name is lily.

But I don't see any grass said Max.

I know I will take you to the grass she said I have a secret ship that takes us there said the princess.

Cool! said Max that sounds really cool!

Then come on! lily, Max, Kiki and Jessica raced to the ship. They got in and saw how cool the world was!

They zoomed fast and finilly stoped. They looked all around they saw only grass!

Um lily asked Kiki where is the butterflys, trees, and flowers?

I told you why.

But why asked Kiki

because it is called the grasslands!

Oh! They said.

They did cartwheels on the grass they played till dark.

Hey do you want to have a sleepover? lily asked.

well said Kiki I'd really like to!

O-K let's do it!

Right when they startd walking they heard a weird whooshing sound.

What is that? Asked Jessica.

Oh no said lily.

What? Asked Max. that is the black flying rug and the green goblins!

Oh no said Kiki!

the brown king of the goblins live in the southern woods in a small codenge. With liveing trees with branches that grab you!

Chapter 3 goblins

it is night now said Kiki.

Remember we are haveing a sleepover said Max!

But first said Jessica we need too ask My parents! We will come back in just a minute. We just need too ask My parents.

after Jessica had a big talk with her Mother she came back. She said it was OK!

good said Lily. I wanted too have a sleepover.

Chapter 4 Sunflower Medow

they played some more fineally they went to bed

were do we sleep? asked Jessica.

in my secret tree house.

ca'nt the goblins swoop down and get us? asked Max.

no said Lily. there is a code to get in and I only know the code.

cool said Max.

So they went into the tree house they went to bed in sleeping bags Made of flowers.

the next morning they woke up and went exploreing

wow said Kiki. it is so beautiful!

I know said lily is'nt it amazing!

So, were are we going? asked Jessica,

you'll see said Lily

when they got there...

(to be continued)


Jared and Kate said...

My sweet niece...

Ms. F said...

A budding novelist! Is there anything more wonderful in the entire world than that?? I can't wait to see what happens next, and I LOVE the just sounds so enchanting!