Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snapshot: Tuesday Evening

Why don't you take the dog for a walk, he suggests, knowing I am tired. Not grumpy. Quiet tired.

Who wants to go with me? I ask on my way out the door.

I don't, chirps Little Sis.

I do, counters Big Sis, slipping on flip flops.

Why can't I go? Little Sis whines.

Big Sis laughs. You can go, Silly.

Fingers intertwined with her sister's, Little Sis shouts, Let's go look for peaches on the corner! They skip down the block in search of grounded fruit. But peaches are done for the summer.

Oh well, says Big Sis. She takes the leash and lopes along the sidewalk with Amani, whose puppy grin and prance celebrate our walk, her life's simple pleasure.

We hold hands and cross the street, waving at neighbors and pointing at the moon and thunderclouds to the east.

Do they have thunderstorms in Colorado? asks Little Sis.

Yes, I answer.

But we can't see Colorado from here, adds Big Sis.

Do you have to take an airplane to Corolado? asks Little Sis.


We did that once! We went to a wedding in Colorado, remembers Big Sis.

We stop to examine unusual flowers. We chat about sunburns and camp buses and friends.

I offer Little Sis the leash. Our dog, a jumper and feline-chaser, trots blithely past a cat sprawled on a table and Big Sis celebrates.

Good, GOOD DOG, Amani! she shouts.

She is a good dog, I agree.

And we are almost home again.

I am so happy, Big Sis sighs to herself, and to the sky, and to the neighborhood.

And I almost respond.

But instead I pause and take this picture.

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