Monday, November 21, 2011

List: First-World Burdens (for Which I Am Ultimately Grateful)

1. I ordered $200 of groceries from, including free home delivery and a free turkey, only to have my credit card fraud department cancel the order (seemed suspicious, all those groceries).
2. The duvet cover tumbling in the dryer: swallowing socks, sweaters, and skirts, and necessitating its unrolling every ten minutes.  Drives me a little nutso.
3. Songs by Adele and One Republic overplayed on the radio: It's gonna be a good life when she finally finds someone like you.
4. The kids keep needing feeding.
5. Our freezer is overfull and something cold and hard falls out and onto my toe each time I open it.
6. The remote for our (non-flat-screen) TV no longer turns the TV on and off.
7.  Marcona almonds are pricey.
8.  Pretty sure I can't drink a pint of IPA and drive. 
9.  The Jason Mraz concert is sold out.
10.  One of the sliding doors of our van fills with water every time it rains.  Slosh, brake, sloooooosh

On the flip side, I'm able to buy $200 worth of groceries; own a clothes dryer; can listen to the radio (and turn it off); have ample food for my kids ($200 worth, for now), a full freezer (see groceries), and a TV; can splurge for Marcona almonds and enjoy an IPA at home; saw Jason Mraz live with Colbie Caillat last month, and drive a minivan. 

It is a good life, One Republic.

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