Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Behalf of Her Client

I received a voicemail at work from Elder Counsel this morning:

"Umm, Mommy, Little Sis really REALLY wants to wear her sparkly shoes to school today.  So can you just let her...?  Errr...can you call us back and let us know?  K?  Love you; bye!"

I called home.  Big Sis answered.

"Hi.  May I please speak to the lawyer for Little Sis?"

(Giggle).  "It's me!"

"Did you call  to ask me if Little Sis can wear her sparkly shoes today because I told her they're not school shoes?"

"Wellllllll, she asked me to..."

"Uh huh.  So she sort of hired you to be her lawyer."

(Giggle).  "Yes."

"Can you please ask your client if today is P.E. day at school?"

(Muffled):  "Mommy wants to know if you have P.E. today."

(In background):  "I don't know."

"Mom, I don't think she has P.E. because today is a short day."

(In background):  "Yeah, I don't have P.E. because it's a short day."

"Please tell your client that she can choose one day of the week to wear her sparkly shoes, and if she wants it to be Thursday, great, but she can't wear them on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.  Okay?"

"I will tell her."

"And, are you wearing your running shoes today?"

"I can't find them.  Do I have to wear them?"

"Your boots are giving you blisters."

"But, Mom, that was because of the fishnet stockings I wore with them for my costume."

"Still, I think you shouldn't wear your boots every day.  Did you look for your shoes in the basket?  In your bedroom?"

"Yes, they're not there!...(pause)...Okay, I will look harder."

"Good idea."

"Thanks, Mommy!  I love you!"

"I love you, too.  Tell your client the same thing."


kris said...

So C is already a shoe-hound? You are in for a $$$ future when they are teenagers!

This is only the beginning of M sacrificing comfort for style when it comes to shoes. I STILL do that... every wedding brings me to tears, not because of the tender moment, because my feet are killing me!

fer said...

Kris, she was BORN a shoe hound:

kris said...

Isn't it funny... there must be a shoe 'gene' for females. I love shoes, mainly, cuz they don't change with the size of my ass! But when I walk through Nordy and hit the shoe section I slowwwww down the pace. It is automatic.