Monday, November 7, 2011

List: Things That Give Me the Heebie Jeebies

1. Used sofas left out on curbsides for free.
2. Crawl spaces under houses.
3. Proximity to fluids I shouldn't but could accidentally drink, like a cup of water soaking dentures, or a retainer.
4. Cars parked in strange places with someone sitting in them, doing...I am not sure.
5. Undergarments abandoned in public spaces.
6. Strangers who stare.
7. Organs as food.
8. The thought of having my palm read or consulting a psychic.
9. The certainty that I am about to encounter a Bad Smell.


aitchpea said...

10. A middle-aged man alone near a park where kids play.
11. Cargo vans with small or hazy windows.
12. The possibility that there might be a big spider in my shoe before I put it on.
13. Those claw toy-grabber games.
14. Jerusalem crickets (aka, potato bugs).
15. Maggots in trashcans. Heck, maggots anywhere.

Kris said...

16. Comb-overs

Heather said...

17. I second maggots. Those things make me lose my mind!
18. Anything involving mucous. I gagged just typing that.
19. Porta-Potties.
20. Others' loofahs.
21. Sharing toothbrushes.