Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disney Family

We are in our Anaheim hotel after a day of Disneyland with my sister, her husband, and her boys.  What I love about Anaheim hotels, besides their ubiquity, evident wear-and-tear, and competition for proximity to The Happiest Place on Earth, is the kids.  You can count on kids being everywhere:  all over the parking lot, traipsing back from the pool, running along the corridors.  It's the sound of kids and vacation and it's awesome.

It was a busy but happy day in MouseLand, decked for the holidays.  We did some required park activities, like bob our heads in the Enchanted Tiki Room, stand in a long line for Autopia, and lose Big Sis for 20 minutes on Tom Sawyer Island.

A spirit of cooperation reigned; the woman sitting next to us during the Holiday Fantabulous Parade Extravaganza offered us wipes for Little Sis's sticky hands, and there was polite stroller navigation and long-line waiting.  We got to cuddle cousins in various combinations on the rides, and give the nephews' parents a "date night" so they could return to Disneyland after dinner.

Five cousins and I snoozed to the sound of fireworks and the Disney Channel, Baby Teddy asleep on my chest.

Ahhh, thankful.

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