Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brandi Snifter

There are live musical acts I never pass up if they're in town (why yes, The Indigo Girls, for example), but Brandi Carlile just might be my favorite live performer:  petite but packing powerful pipes and radiant positive energy.  She plays moving ballads and rocking covers ("Folsom Prison Blues" is a favorite) in a show that only disappoints if her set is short because she shares the headline.

(Look:  she's in my minivan, too!).

I bought tickets for tonight's concert months ago, and doesn't everything sound like a good idea months ago (like marathons and pregnancy).  Truth was, at about 2 PM I imagined myself in a standing-room-only venue this evening and felt exhausted by the notion.  So I went home after work for a tall cup of coffee, and rallied.

What's awesome about follow-through on commitments is that it rarely disappoints, even when it's  an early-morning workout. My niece and I got home at 11:30, inspired and exuberant and not even achey after hours of standing.  She had never heard of Brandi Carlile; here's to hoping you become a fan, too:

"I sometimes lose my faith in luck; I don't know what I want to be when I grow up..."

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